Mind mapping, a method for generating and structuring ideas


When dealing with an innovative technology such as the crossply technology, it is very important to map out the steps toward practical application. Since practical use is the only justification for such a development effort.

In the brains of several people at van Wees is a great store of experience and knowledge in the field of (technical) textiles and composite materials. To make the most efficient use of all this knowledge it has to be channelled and combined.

Quite often such combinations will lead to surprising new ideas or solutions. For a year now van Wees has been using software that enables us to pick the fruits of random brain storming sessions. By gathering ideas and subsequent sorting and categorizing, the huge amount of crossply related subjects becomes transparent and manageable.

Below is a Mindmap® showing what ideas for applications of cross–ply materials we have gathered thus far. By mapping knowledge we are mapping the future of technical textiles and composites, being UD and crossply technology.