Gravure Laminator HRG: a compact design for high-tech applications


The hotmelt roto-gravure laminating technology guarantees the most accurate and well-defined application of adhesive dots on the surface of textile substrates and on breathable membranes or films.

After the adhesive dots have been applied, the two substrates are gently laminated together with minimum pressure. It is a very clean operation and the hotmelt adhesive guarantees very high bonding strength and excellent heat and UV resistance. The latter prevents yellowing during subsequent processes, where high temperatures are required (e.g. molding process for bra cups). Furthermore, the hotmelt engraved roll technique allows much higher production speeds than conventional spray laminating machines; up to 50 m/min. can be achieved!

In addition to the available hotmelt laminating machines in the industry, Van Wees has developed a new hotmelt laminating machine. The Gravure Laminator HRG is a compact laminating machine with easy access from all sides for the operators. The machine was designed for roll-to-roll applications and is extremely suitable for small to mid-sized companies, requiring high flexibility.

The new compact design of the hotmelt Gravure Laminator HRG will offer new opportunities to the textile and the nonwoven industry. The possibilities are unlimited with respect to substrates (fabrics, knit, nonwoven, breathable membranes, films and foams) and markets (apparel, intimate apparel, military and medical garments, automotive textiles and industrial textiles.)

The focus of van Wees is on new product development for its customers. Each custom-made hotmelt laminating machine is designed in close cooperation with customers, who have an important input in the final concept of the machine that they are going to buy.