If you think innovation is expensive, try a bankruptcy


I recently read an expression from the aviation industry, “if you think safety is expensive, try an accident” and that led me to the expression below.

We know that investing in our UD, Crossply and Laminating technologies involves serious costs. However, we think that not investing in the latest technologies will lead to a stand still of your product portfolio, customers abandonment and ultimately you are out of business. Van Wees has been in the textile business since 1945. Innovating continuously throughout its existence. Not revolutionary, but steadily. Focussing on long-term business.

In this Specs you have read about the possibilities we have at van Wees for product development and making sample materials in our pilot plant. The number of samples we have made since 2002, the year our Drumwinder was built, is more than 500. At this moment we have one engineer working full-time on new machine designs and two operators in our pilot plant for product development and modifying the Drumwinder or UD machine. This has led to three patent applications on our machine designs and a tremendous gain of know-how for our company.

But we do not invest for the sake of investing; we want to share the technology with you, our customers.