UD machine equipped with multiple application techniques


We have five application techniques available on our UD machine in the pilot plant. This makes it a very versatile machine for UD production as well as for laminating textile substrates.

On the UD machine we can apply the resin on the fibers or substrates by means of a slot die, gravure roller, multi roller, kiss roll and as a film. The application width is 200 millimetres. In case of UD production, the yarns are fed from a creel and in case of laminating, the substrates are unwound from the lower unwind position.

After the application of the resin, the laminate can be heated again, on the three roller winding section, for better adhesion. If necessary, an extra force can be exerted by means of the nip rollers.

For the fifth application technique, film lamination, the film is heated on the rollers and impregnates the fibers or substrates when it is passing through the three roller main drive.