Large investments at van Wees


In the Specs section you have read about the new UD600 machine we have built for the development of UD materials.

Next step is the building of a Crossply machine with multi axial placement possibilities. The working width of this machine is still to be decided and dependent on feed-back from discussions with our customers and prospects. Our Pilot Plant is approaching a full production plant. Starting from a spooling machine for making determined length spools till a test bench for tensile and tear strength measurements. New product development is still being done on our Drumwinder and the first trials on our UD600 machine are very promising.

I am very happy with our new colleague, Marc Busio, who holds a degree in chemical technology. He is working as a product development engineer with myself on a number of projects. After the start of Marc in December 2006, we have made large progress in for example airbags and tarpaulin developments.

Because of lack of expansion possibilities at our current location, Van Wees will move to a new building in 2008. We will keep you informed about this new building, where we will utilise technical textiles at dedicated positions.