Thermoset prepregs


Van Wees is the only company in the world offering turnkey production lines for the manufacture of thermoset prepreg materials and the upstream equipment such as Creels and the downstream equipment like Crossply machines and lamination lines. Our customers are producing thermoset prepreg
material for a wide range of applications. From wind turbine components to aerospace applications.

Resin content, constant thickness over the width and perfect impregnation are important properties of prepreg materials. The heart of the Van Wees UD machines for thermoset prepregs is a reverse roller coater unit in combination with the patented three roller main drive. The reverse roller coater accurately and consistently applies (hotmelt) resin onto a carrier paper. The rollers are made with micrometres precision, which allows
accurate control of the opening between the rollers at various speeds and temperatures. Being a one step process, the spread fibers or fabric are
married with the coated paper after our three roller main drive system. This system is configured in such way that yarn- or fabric tension is equal to the paper tension when they pass over the heated section. In the heated section, the resin viscosity will drop (in case of hotmelt systems) and impregnates the fibers. In the calandering steps, the final thickness and evenness is guaranteed in a smooth and reproducible manner.

A state of the art control system lets the user control speeds, temperatures, pressures and tensions in the machine very precisely. A wide array of sensors provides feedback to the control system. The operators can control the machine through an intuitive, touch panel user interface. Van Wees UD-machines are customarily fitted with thickness measurement. It is possible to use these measurements in a feedback loop that controls the
resin content. To optimize the logistics of production the machines are fitted with a double winding unit with an accumulator unit for quick change over. Edge trim cutters and creels are other common options. With a two positions unwinding unit for fabric the machine can just as easily be used to impregnate fabrics and make carbon, glass or aramid prepregs. All in all, the Van Wees UD-machine for prepreg production is a versatile piece of equipment. Its flexibility lets our customers respond timely to the demand from the market(s) they are producing for.