The pilot plant facility in the R&TC is available for customers to develop new products


Van Wees uses the machines for testing new develop­ments, modifications and processes before the machines are offered in the market.

In the R&TC the following machines are available;


  • 100 positions creel for carbon fibers.
  • 80 positions creel for glass rovings.

UD impregnation machine;
working width 600 millimeters.

  • Dispersion resin impregnation unit, kiss roller and rotating die.
  • Thermoset resin impregnation unit, reverse roller coater.
  • Thermoplastic resin impregnation unit with single screw extruder.

Tape slitting machine;

  • Minimum tape width 12 millimeters, mother roll working width maximum 600 millimeters.
  • 4 winding positions.

Crossply machine;

    working width 600–1200 millimeters.

  • Tape placement robot.
  • Multi-axial placement for tailored blanks production.


  • 12 positions creel.
  • Drum and laminates size 1500×1500 millimeters.
  • Drying by hot drum and infra-red heating.


  • 600×500 millimeters.
  • Temperature up to 330°C and 150 tons pressure.


  • Oven.
  • Infra-red units.
  • Vacuum equipment.