Complete program for turn-key delivery of production lines for the composites industry


Specs11 shows the latest developments at Van Wees in the field of composites and technical textiles. In this number we again focus on the complete program of Van Wees for the composites industry and the importance of automation.

One of the new activities of Van Wees is supplying materials for a longer period and not only for testing and pre-marketĀ­ing. This helps our customers and prospects in the period that we are building the machines they have ordered. For Van Wees it is an extra opportunity to improve the machines and gain experience in the processes we offer.

Van Wees manufactures and delivers turnkey production lines to the textile and composite industry. With many years of experience in the field of UD-, Crossply- and textile lamination technologies, van Wees is your partner for engineering, manufacturing, commissioning and service of complete production lines.

This complete program can be tested in our Research and Technology Center with customer or market available materials.