Tailored tapes for tube production

Van Wees has made a Carbon PEEK crossply tape with an extra ordinary lay-up and thickness. The ply book is 90–0–90 orientation. The total thickness is 200 µm. and the single plies are therefore only 70 µm thick. It was the first impregnation trial with PEEK polymer and the results are encouraging. The tape will… Read more

Composite tailored blanks line

Whether upstream an injection molding machine or a press, a Van Wees composite tailored blank line can make the materials for this process just in time. It starts with the production of the UniDirectional tape on the impregnation machine. The process can be used for thermoplastic and thermoset resin based UD tapes. Production line for… Read more

Individual yarn tension controlled Creels

One of our customers asked us to offer a Creel with individually controlled tow tension. A long standing wish which up till now could only be rewarded at high investment costs. Using its long time experience with creels and operating UD machines, Van Wees came up with a new design. The principle of applying the… Read more

New management at van Wees

Late October 2013, Van Wees joined forces with control systems specialist, Eltra Engineering in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Henk Klijn, director at Eltra engineering BV and Rien van den Aker have worked together nearly 20 years on the development of UD and Crossply machines. Eltra has been a reliable partner for van Wees and the open… Read more