Tape placement robot

Van Wees has developed a tape placement robot for the production of thermoplastic tailored blanks. Using UD or Crossply tape (produced on a Van Wees UD and/or Crossply machines) the robot is capable of manufacturing multilayer tailored blanks with thermoplastic composite material. The robot carefully picks up the tapes, by means of vacuum. It then… Read more

Creel for carbon- and glass fibers

The Carbon fiber creel is a post development of the Glass roving creel. In that creel we noticed that flat yarns should be guided in a different manner, without eyelets. Van Wees has equipped the carbon fiber creel creel with these guidings and it shows good performance. In the accompanying photo it is shown how… Read more

Thermoset prepregs

Van Wees is the only company in the world offering turnkey production lines for the manufacture of thermoset prepreg materials and the upstream equipment such as Creels and the downstream equipment like Crossply machines and lamination lines. Our customers are producing thermoset prepreg material for a wide range of applications. From wind turbine components to… Read more

Multi-axial UD Crossply 1800 machine

With the Multi-axial UD Crossply machine in our Research and Technology Center we are able to make 1800 millimeters wide Crossply products. In a Uni-Directional or UD the individual fibres are oriented parallel to each other and kept in this aligned position by a matrix material. This is realized by unwinding yarns from a creel,… Read more

An unique position in the world

Van Wees is the only company with full dedication to the UD and Crossply technology. We built the first machines for the production of ballistic protection laminates in 1994 and van Wees is well-known for its UD & Crossply technology in this market. To illustrate that this technology is also an interesting option for high-throughput… Read more

Multi-axial UD tapes in a laminate for sailcloth

In professional sports the application of strong, lightweight materials can mean the difference between defeat and triumph. Sail cloth for yacht racing is such an example and thanks to its experience in ballistic textile, Van Wees managed to develop a laminate based on these high-performance fibers that can meet the demanding conditions on the ocean… Read more

PA/PU for airbag

After introduction of the driver airbag in the eighties, the growth of this safety product for the automotive has been tremendous. After introduction of the driver airbag in the eighties, the growth of this safety product for the automotive has been tremendous. Besides, the development of variants for protection against rolling over, the so-called side… Read more

PET/THV for architecture

Coated textiles find more and more application in architecture as membranes for tensioned structures. At the moment PTFE-coated glass fibers or PES-PVC fabrics and ETFE films are predominantly used for this purpose. However, sunlight transmission of these fabrics is limited and their areal weight is substantial. Therefore Van Wees developed a laminate based on an… Read more

Steel reinforced PET/PVC for tarpaulin

PVC-coated polyester fabric is a mass product that can be found in a variety of applications like bill boards, tents, roofing membranes and tarpaulin for covering trailers. Although its production process is already highly efficient, this can be surpassed by using the same ingredients for making a crossply laminate. Instead of weaving the polyester fabric… Read more

Economically viable green alternative

As Van Wees also embraces the growing awareness of environmental sustainability, a bio-based composite must be included in its range. Flax was chosen as natural fibre for a composite particularly attractive for interior applications because of its warm and elegant appearance. Although thermoplastics are available that should be CO²-neutral, polypropylene was selected as matrix material… Read more