UD machine equipped with multiple application techniques

We have five application techniques available on our UD machine in the pilot plant. This makes it a very versatile machine for UD production as well as for laminating textile substrates. On the UD machine we can apply the resin on the fibers or substrates by means of a slot die, gravure roller, multi roller,… Read more

Pictures speak a thousand words

Airbags are interesting products to be made, using the Crossply technique. The number of airbags in cars is expanding and applications in small trucks and other areas are being developed. In the accompanying pictures of this item, you can see our latest developments in airbag Crossply technology. As you know, we make a Crossply laminate… Read more

Extrusion UD production and wider Crossply laminates

Van Wees is working closely together with Starlinger from Vienna, Austria on the development of a new process for the production of UD and Crossply laminates based on polyolefin tapes. Furthermore we are developing wider Crossply machines up to 5,4 meters. Starlinger is a leading manufacturer of extruders for the production of polyolefin tapes, circular… Read more

Mind mapping, a method for generating and structuring ideas

When dealing with an innovative technology such as the crossply technology, it is very important to map out the steps toward practical application. Since practical use is the only justification for such a development effort. In the brains of several people at van Wees is a great store of experience and knowledge in the field… Read more

Auxiliary equipment, for your convenience

Van Wees can supply its production lines turn-key. This means that we combine our machines with other equipment, either from sub suppliers or from partner companies to deliver a complete production line. In those cases when we cannot find the correct solution in the market we decide to engineer and build the equipment ourselves. The… Read more

The Drumwinder, our workhorse for UD and Crossply development

At van Wees we continue to invest in the development of new UD and crossply products in close cooperation with our customers. Our Drumwinder is used very regularly and its appearance keeps changing as the development of UD and Crossply material progresses. On the Drumwinder we can mimic the processes as they take place in… Read more

The spray laminator, from scratch to Hong Kong

The first project of van Wees in the Far East is a spray laminating machine for solvent-based adhesive. The machine is used for the production of foam-fabric laminates, which are processed to shoulder pads and bra cups by means of hot moulding. On the spray laminator the solvent-based adhesive is sprayed on the foam layer,… Read more