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Gravure Laminator HRG: a compact design for high-tech applications

The hotmelt roto-gravure laminating technology guarantees the most accurate and well-defined application of adhesive dots on the surface of textile substrates and on breathable membranes or films. After the adhesive dots have been applied, the two substrates are gently laminated together with minimum pressure. It is a very clean operation and the hotmelt adhesive guarantees… Read more

If you think innovation is expensive, try a bankruptcy

I recently read an expression from the aviation industry, “if you think safety is expensive, try an accident” and that led me to the expression below. We know that investing in our UD, Crossply and Laminating technologies involves serious costs. However, we think that not investing in the latest technologies will lead to a stand… Read more

UD machine equipped with multiple application techniques

We have five application techniques available on our UD machine in the pilot plant. This makes it a very versatile machine for UD production as well as for laminating textile substrates. On the UD machine we can apply the resin on the fibers or substrates by means of a slot die, gravure roller, multi roller,… Read more

Pictures speak a thousand words

Airbags are interesting products to be made, using the Crossply technique. The number of airbags in cars is expanding and applications in small trucks and other areas are being developed. In the accompanying pictures of this item, you can see our latest developments in airbag Crossply technology. As you know, we make a Crossply laminate… Read more

Extrusion UD production and wider Crossply laminates

Van Wees is working closely together with Starlinger from Vienna, Austria on the development of a new process for the production of UD and Crossply laminates based on polyolefin tapes. Furthermore we are developing wider Crossply machines up to 5,4 meters. Starlinger is a leading manufacturer of extruders for the production of polyolefin tapes, circular… Read more