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Economically viable green alternative

As Van Wees also embraces the growing awareness of environmental sustainability, a bio-based composite must be included in its range. Flax was chosen as natural fibre for a composite particularly attractive for interior applications because of its warm and elegant appearance. Although thermoplastics are available that should be CO²-neutral, polypropylene was selected as matrix material… Read more

The circle is round

My first participation in JEC was in 1986. JEC was a small trade fair for an industry which was expected to grow very fast. At that point I had a small company that manufactured composite products and worked together with Eurocarbon, which was also based in Tilburg, the Netherlands. These companies were acquired by DSM,… Read more


Within the framework of the “Future Bridge” project, and its successor “Trans-IND”, Van Wees has developed a process for production of glass/polypropylene crossply laminate. This composite will be used for building lightweight bridges on-site as an alternative for traditional materials for building infrastructure. Essential for making UD from continuous glass rovings is a facility to… Read more


Thermoplastic composites made from UD tapes and tailored blanks. A perfect material for high volume production of parts for the automotive sector and other applications. After having recently made their breakthrough in the aviation industry, carbon based composites will easily find their way into other applications in the automotive sector, sports and defence in the… Read more

Multi axial UD Crossply machine

A unique machine for the technical textiles and composite industry in our Research and Technology Center. In a Uni-Directional laminate or UD the individual fibres are oriented parallel to each other and kept in this aligned position by a matrix material. This is realized by unwinding the roving, tow or untwisted yarn from a creel… Read more