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New management at van Wees

Late October 2013, Van Wees joined forces with control systems specialist, Eltra Engineering in Tilburg, the Netherlands. Henk Klijn, director at Eltra engineering BV and Rien van den Aker have worked together nearly 20 years on the development of UD and Crossply machines. Eltra has been a reliable partner for van Wees and the open… Read more

Thermoplastic composites in different form than UD and Crossply

It is no surprise for you that we are focused on UD and Crossply technology. It is not only in our name, but also visible in our Research and Technology Center. We can make thermoplastic UD and Crossply tapes and cut them on our slitting machine in widths from 12 millimeters upwards. To show the… Read more

Tape placement robot

Van Wees has developed a tape placement robot for the production of thermoplastic tailored blanks. Using UD or Crossply tape (produced on a Van Wees UD and/or Crossply machines) the robot is capable of manufacturing multilayer tailored blanks with thermoplastic composite material. The robot carefully picks up the tapes, by means of vacuum. It then… Read more

Creel for carbon- and glass fibers

The Carbon fiber creel is a post development of the Glass roving creel. In that creel we noticed that flat yarns should be guided in a different manner, without eyelets. Van Wees has equipped the carbon fiber creel creel with these guidings and it shows good performance. In the accompanying photo it is shown how… Read more

Thermoset prepregs

Van Wees is the only company in the world offering turnkey production lines for the manufacture of thermoset prepreg materials and the upstream equipment such as Creels and the downstream equipment like Crossply machines and lamination lines. Our customers are producing thermoset prepreg material for a wide range of applications. From wind turbine components to… Read more