The philosophy of Van Wees is to look in the market whether machines or equipment is available with the correct specification and if that is not the case, Van Wees develops it for inclusion in the production lines. Our Creels are a perfect example of this. The creels are being used in our UD lines for unrolling the fibers at a constant tension. Van Wees has developed spool holders that are equipped with an adjustable core, making it possible to fit a range of cardboard tubes from 50 millimeter up to 95 mm.

For unwinding technical yarns such as Polyamide, Polyester, Aramids and Ultra High Molecular weight Polyethylene Van Wees has developed and builts Creels with the yarn guiding by round eyelets. At appropriate positions in the creel, the yarns are guided up to the front of the creel.

In case of Carbon fibers, the tows are guided with specially formed eyelets and yarn guidings that keep the tows spread and prevent the tows from twisting as they travel to the downstream machine.

The Glass roving creel is equipped with spool holders that can take the heavy (up to 25 kilograms) rolls. These, normally from the inside being pulled, tows are unwound tangentially thereby preventing the occurrence of twist in the fiber. The glass rovings are in the same manner guided as the carbon fiber tows.

Yarn tension is regulated in the creel, from relatively simple hand adjustment up to automated adjustment for the entire creel or by each row individually.