Inspection machines

The Van Wees inspection machines are the last machines in a turnkey line for the production of technical textiles. The inspection machines with the report generating program INSPECT© are built as an additional service to our customers for final quality control of the manufactured substrates. The machine can also be equipped with camera systems for width measurement and printers for logo and production data marking.

INSPECT©, is a user-friendly software program for the Van Wees inspection machines. It is possible to inspect and monitor processed substrates from roll to roll or for assembling smaller rolls on A-frames.

When inspecting or re-winding materials, pre-printed sheets are often used to keep track of the faults. When the fault records are delivered with the rolls of material for quality insurance and/or mark detection, the records must be copied or digitalized. There is no relation between faults from an original (mother) roll and the faults in extracted or assembled rolls.

INSPECT© records positions from any number of user-defined faults in the material. The operator can mark these faults by a fault button on the hand-held control pendant and with a hotkey on the keyboard from the computer. INSPECT© can print the fault records on (more than one) customer specific form.