Lamination lines

Van Wees manufactures laminating lines, used in the Crossply process for consolidation of the materials, by integrating calenders or belt laminators. The Crossply material is laminated by heat and pressure and cooled down between the belts. The laminate can be covered with films, for example as used in the soft ballistics industry. In the case of technical textiles the material is wound on large drums and if needed, ready for inspection.

Crossply laminates or tailored blanks can be made using multiple rolls. In that case the number of unwinding positions is determined by the layer thickness. Dependent on the laminate thickness and stiffness, the material is rolled or cut and stacked.

Thin Crossply laminates can be cut on the tape cutting machine into narrow tapes and are an interesting option for hoop winding of tubes or profiles. By tuning the angle of the second layer relative to the tube diameter and tape width, the resulting angle in the tube can be in the 0 degree range, giving optimum stiffness in the length of the tube.

Spray Laminating machines, using solvent based adhesives, have been supplied to various geographical regions in the world, used for laminating lingerie fabrics, apparel and automotive textiles.

Lamination line