Testing and consulting

Van Wees manufactures and delivers turnkey production lines to the textile and composite industry. With many years of experience in the field of UD-, Crossply- and textile lamination technologies, van Wees is your partner for engineering, manufacturing, commissioning and service of complete production lines. The philosophy of Van Wees is to look in the market whether machines or equipment are available with the correct specification and if that is not the case, Van Wees develops new solutions for inclusion in the machines or production lines. Due to the available expertise of these processes, van Wees offers consultancy to the industry and provides solutions to specific problems or new developments. The pilot plant facility in the R&TC is available for customers to develop new processes and products and Van Wees uses the machines for testing new developments and modifications before the machines are offered in the market.

In the R&TC the following machines are available;


  • 240 positions creel for technical fibers such as PA, PET, Aramid and UHMWPE.
  • 100 positions creel for carbon fibers.
  • 80 positions creel for glass rovings.

UD impregnation machine

  • Working width 600 millimeters.
  • Dispersion resin impregnation unit, kiss roller and rotating die.
  • Thermoset resin impregnation unit, reverse roller coater.
  • Thermoplastic resin impregnation unit with single screw extruder.

Tape slitting machine

  • Minimum tape width 12 millimeters, mother roll working width maximum 600 millimeters.
  • 4 winding positions.

Crossply machine

  • Working width 600–1200 millimeters.
  • Tape placement robot.
  • Multi-axial placement for tailored blanks production.
  • Drumwinder

    • 12 positions creel.
    • Drum and laminates size 1500×1500 millimeters.
    • Drying by hot drum and infra-red heating.
    • Press

      • 600×500 millimeters.
      • Temperature up to 330°C and 150 tons pressure.


      • Oven.
      • Infra-red units.
      • Vacuum equipment.